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Betting on sports is gaining momentum every year, because for many people it is a great way to have fun and also an opportunity to win extra money. You need to choose a suitable office and make a bet with it on this or that result – if your bet is successful, you can claim to win.

Online soccer bettingToday it is already very difficult to imagine our reality without sports. One way or another, there are a large number of types of sports disciplines, which are followed by this or that fan. Of course, this sport does not do without various additional elements. One such element is sports betting. Today they have become very popular, and the number of betting shops is gradually increasing. Both simple fans and professional analysts of sporting events are fond of betting on sports.

Bookmakers themselves have long been sponsors of various sporting events, tournaments, and even entire leagues. Everyone has different reasons for betting on sports: someone wants to earn money, someone is just trying to have fun and try his luck at prediction.

Today you can bet in the best Soccer betting app, it is much easier and more convenient.

Betting on Soccer is the most popular among the customers of Betwhale sports bookmaker. Such a large number of people wishing to bet on soccer is not surprising, as nowadays soccer is the most popular sport. Let’s take a closer look at how to bet on soccer at Betwhale and what features such bets have.

Popular types of soccer betting

There are a huge number of betting options on soccer matches. This means that any fan of gambling entertainment can not only choose outcomes at their discretion, but also build different tactics. The list of the most popular bets will be considered below.

  • Bet on the outcome

The most popular betting option, when a player puts money on the result assigned to a particular team: a victory in the match, the first goal, the first penalty kick, etc. Also, the outcome can refer to a player – the most effective, the best scorer, etc.

  • Betting against the outcome

Types of soccer bettingThe wording of the condition of such a bet usually looks like a statement, for example: “The visitors will score 0 or 1 goal”. A player can choose to bet “No” and win money if the condition is false. In our case, the bet will be played if the visitors score 2 or more goals.

  • Total

Total in betting Soccer Betwhale is the total number of goals scored by both teams. Such a bet can be made on the result of the whole match or individual halves.

  • Individual total

The same mechanics is applied to the results of each team – both in the whole match and in individual halves. For example, you can bet that the guests will score more than 2.0 in the first half and less than 4.5 for the whole game.

  • Betting with a handicap

A handicap (or handicap) is Soccer sports betting Betwhale taking into account additional points. For example, the guests lost to the hosts 2:3, but in the terms of the bet it was said: “Victory of the guests with a +2 handicap”. In this case, the bet will be successful.

  • Both to Score

This statement contains answer options “Yes” and “No”, on which users bet funds. Options with the match as a whole and individual halves are often available. If at least one team does not score, the bet will be lost.

List for soccer events

As far as the lineup is concerned, in Soccer betting lines you can find a very wide lineup for a large number of events. In most cases, the more popular a soccer event is, the wider the lineup for it. For example, Champions League playoff matches or key matches in the top 5 national European championships can include 400 – 500 marquees and sometimes even more. Less popular soccer events usually have 100 – 200 marquees.

To secure your own bet in events where there is not a clear favorite, helps to use the strategy of double chance on the outsider of the game. Usually professional bettors who bet on events in Football betting lines pre-match resort to this tactic.

Odds and margin on soccer at Betwhale BC

Soccer at BetwhaleWhen choosing a site bettors often pay very serious attention to the size of the odds offered by the bookmaker. This is not surprising because it is from their size depends on the size of the winnings that can get bettor. Currently Football betting site Betwhale can offer its customers above average odds on soccer events.

Football betting odds depend very much on the margin. The average margin for soccer at Betwhale betting site Betwhale is 4 – 8%. In most cases, the more popular an event is, the lower its margin. The margin also depends on the soccer competition:

  • For the top 5 national soccer championships the margin is 4 – 6%.
  • Champions League, Conference League, Europa League approximately 4 – 7%.
  • For other national soccer championships 6 – 10%. Soccer matches such as the Champions League final can have a margin of 2 – 3% due to the already high competition on best Soccer betting site Betwhale.

Instruction: How to make your first bet on soccer

From our own experience we know that it is not easy for a beginner to understand the nuances of the interface of bookmaker’s offices. That is why we have compiled Soccer betting guide for you. It can help you make your first steps in betting on Soccer games online.

  • Registration in a bookmaker’s office

Creating an account at Soccer betting site Betwhale is a prerequisite for betting for real money. To get started you will need:

  • Click on the “Registration” button, which is most often located on the top panel of the site on the right.
  • Specify e-mail, phone number or, if the BC allows, a page in a social network or messenger as a login.
  • Think up a password, and then confirm the age of 21+ and agree with the rules of the office using the checkboxes.
  • Enter a promo code, if such a field is available and you have it.
  • Confirm the creation of the profile and activate it with a one-time code, if necessary.
  •  Deposit to your account

Best Football betting site Betwhale offers to make a deposit immediately after registration, but it can be done at other times through the “Cashier” menu:

  • Authorize on the Betwhale BC website and go to the profile.
  • Open the interface to manage finances.
  • Select the item “Deposit”.
  • Specify the method of deposit (card, payment system, crypto, etc.).
  • Enter the payment amount and details in the corresponding fields.
  • Confirm the transaction (for example, via 3D-secure) and wait for crediting.

If the balance has not been updated within 10 minutes or the amount has not been credited in full, we advise you to contact the support service immediately.

  •  Selecting the appropriate section
  1. On the top panel, find the button labeled “Sports”, “Betting” or something similar.
  2. Pay attention to the left side of the opened interface – there should be a list of all sports and events on which you can make online Football betting Betwhale.
  3. Select a championship
  4. Click on the name of the game – in our case it is soccer.
  5. In the expanded tab select country, region or status.
  6. Click on the name of the tournament, league or event from the drop-down list.

First bet on soccer

  • Odds comparison

The main betting interface is located in the middle and right side of the screen. Here you will need to:

  • After selecting a tournament, click on the button with the name of the teams between which the game will be played.
  • A detailed list of the event will open. Here you will need to select a specific outcome: the result of the match, number of goals, total, forfeit, “Both teams will score”, etc.
  • Near each option will be placed a number – online Soccer betting odds, by which the amount of the bet will be multiplied in case of a win.


  • Betting on the match

After selecting the outcome you will need to:

  • Specify the format of the bet – single, express or system. The last two options will be available if you select more than one outcome.
  • On the right side of the page, enter the amount of best online soccer betting and confirm the operation.

Live betting at Betwhale BC

A large number of bettors want to do Soccer betting online Betwhale in live mode. Live betting means bets that are made during a soccer match. Bookmaker Betwhale can offer such an opportunity for its customers.

The live section for soccer at Betwhale is quite wide, every day there are almost 300 – 400 soccer events available for live betting. On weekends this number can be much higher. The lineup is often quite wide too. The margin in live is about 2 – 4% more than in prematch.

Making live best soccer betting is quite convenient. All because the bookmaker provides its users with a large number of tools for live betting, including: live video broadcasts of soccer events, match tracker, infographics and others.

Soccer betting – popular strategies

Many bettors make Soccer betting today using different strategies. Nowadays there are quite a large number of Football betting strategy. Let’s make a review of the most popular among them.

  • Martingale (Dogon)

Soccer betting strategiesThe main idea of this strategy is quite simple. The size of each next betting on Football Betwhale should be doubled until the bet wins. Thanks to this approach there is an opportunity to cover all past losses and stay in the plus. In this case, the odds of events on which the player will make bets should not be less than 2.0.

Using such a strategy should be taken into account that it is like any other strategy has its risks. Therefore, the probability of losing betting on this strategy a lot of money too. It is also worth saying that in this strategy is of great importance is the size of the first bet. Experts recommend to make the first bet in the amount of 1 – 2% of the available bettor’s bankroll.

  • Ladder

This strategy is suitable for those players who prefer minimal risk. Playing on this strategy should make the first bet on the event coefficient of which is from 1.10 to 1.30. If the bet turns out to be a winner, all the won amount should be put on another event with approximately the same odds. So you need to continue to continue and further.

To the strategy brought a win the player decides for himself how many bets on this strategy he will make. Having made this number of bets player takes the money and starts all over again. The risk in this strategy at first glance is not great, but it is because even events with odds from 1.10 to 1.30 can end not expected.

  • Flat

This is the simplest strategy for managing your own bankroll. Based on it, the player bets the same amount that does not change depending on Soccer betting odds those other factors. With this strategy is recommended to start, but it should be noted that it is not flexible, so after some time you should start using another strategy.

  • Value betting

In betting is called those events whose odds were incorrectly set by the bookmaker’s office. Bookmakers also sometimes make mistakes by setting wrong odds, bettors who are quite good at soccer can notice the wrong odds and use them to win.

Soccer predictions

Another issue that many bettors are interested in is Football betting predictions from renowned experts. Nowadays, predictions on various soccer events are quite common. On the Internet you can find a lot of experts who distribute such predictions for money or for free.

Is it worth using such Soccer betting predictions? It all depends on each bettor, but you should always remember that even very serious experts are often wrong when making predictions.

Football betting trends provide players with a unique opportunity to follow the dynamic events on soccer fields around the world and predict match outcomes, which makes this sport exciting and thrilling to bet on with positive winning prospects. Read on Football betting tips, for beginner bettors to win big winnings.

Soccer betting tips for beginner bettors

If you are a beginner bettor, you may find the following Soccer betting tips useful:

  • You should bet only with money that you will not be afraid to lose.
  • You can bet intuitively, but in most cases such bets do not bring the expected result.
  • If you have lost several times in a row should not try at all costs to win back.
  • Do not treat betting even as a possible source of additional income.
  • Take advantage of free Football betting.
  • In case you are just starting to bet on sports, you should not bet in the live format.

Following these recommendations will keep you from big losses and help you make money betting on Football. You also have the opportunity to try free Soccer betting.

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